Roadside Delivery Service
    We come to you, Call 0409 875 187

    Dial-A-Battery - Bond Batteries' Emergency and After Hours Battery Delivery Service.
    Are you stuck on the side of the road, at home, work, or on the farm with a flat battery and need a new one fast? Then the Bond Batteries Dial-A-Battery delivery service is the answer you've been looking for!

    Call David Bond directly on 0409 875 187 to have the battery you need delivered and installed right away!

    Our emergency installation service will keep your vehicle running no matter what you drive. Bond Batteries stock an extensive range of high quality batteries to suit your needs. Even if you're not sure what battery your car, truck, tractor, bus or boat needs, the team at Bond Batteries can give you the battery that will give your ride the ultimate performance.

    Bond Batteries are located in Ballarat and Bendigo, Bayswater and Hoppers Crossing, and strive to provide a better value-for-money product. To this end, we have introduced many new ideas and innovations to the automotive battery aftermarket over the past four decades. Our goal is to provide a long lasting, reliable battery at a reasonable price to result in the best quality and overall satisfaction for you as our customer.

    The new BOND SILVER-CALCIUM MF BATTERY has been extensively tested in-house, developed and refined over the past three years. The new Bond Silver-Calcium MF Battery range features:

    • Highest resistance to corrosion resulting in longer life.
    • Highest resistance to plate damage from overcharging and excessive under bonnet temperatures.
    • Resists premature capacity loss better than Calcium-Tin plate grids.
    • Dramatically improved charge retention compared to conventional Low-Antimony plate grids, hybrids and other calcium batteries.


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